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Lycra Body Socks and Tunnels



Body socks and Lycra Tunnels are a great source of regulation and body awareness. They are portable and easy to keep clean. 

Body Socks are ideal for individuals with autism and other sensory processing disorders who crave sensory input, particularly proprioceptive and vestibular input, the sensory Body Socks are a fun and different way to get this input. Sensory Body Socks are very stretchy and provide resistance when you move in them. This provides deep pressure through the joints (proprioceptive input) and when you move around in different ways, this provides the vestibular input (balance and movement in space).

Small Size - 68 x 100cm (suitable for individuals up to 110cms tall)

Medium Size  68 x 120cm (suitable for individuals up to 130cms tall)

Large Size Size - 74 x 140cm (suitable for individuals up to 150cms tall)

Extra Large Size - 74 x 160cm (suitable for individuals up to 170cms tall)

Extra Extra Large Size Size - 74 x 180cm (suitable for individuals up to 190cms tall)